Cube XMS 120

Possibly a little too racy for some, but the XMS is both lively and well equipped.

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О товаре

    A very attractive fullsuspension bike as entrance to the AMS world.
    The proven kinematics of the suspension and the easyto tune air suspension fork are meant for the serious mountainbiker wanting to improve their riding experience.
    The balancedgeometry is accompanied of a chassis with 120 mm of travel.
    The rear with Size Tuned Kinematik is equipped with a 4 linksystem with sealed bearings, our 3D active link presents a very stiff lever. 
    The Rock Shox Recon Silver Air fork with rebounddamping, remote lockout and PopLoc and the Manitou Radium Expert air shock with adjustable rebound and lockout are reliablesuspension components.
    The frame made of 7005 Aluminum Superlite is double butted. 
    Details like the CNC machined andcold forged parts improve lateral stiffness and dissipate brake heat.
    The rigid 3D dropouts deliver precise handling on the trail.


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